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To build the future!

Glavenica LLC is one of the first construction companies in Albania, with a history of 26 years.

Thanks to dedication and work, we have become a company with a vision and a lot of ambition for the future. We and our partners work every day for the development and improvement not only of the company and the staff, but also for the economic development of the country. The vision of Glavenica LLC is to be one of the leading companies in the market by offering innovation and projects with the highest quality. The key points of our company since its establishment remain quality and correctness. We will continue to adopt the most innovative and advanced methods and technologies making it possible to increase productivity and ensuring a cost effective.

Our staff, their tireless work and spirit of cooperation differentiate us from other companies. The purpose of Glavenica LLC is to provide quality, accuracy and innovation in the Albanian and Balkan market. Through our many years of experience, we provide security for our partners and our clients.

"Together we will build the future!" is the company slogan and our goal. Thanks to our staff, partners and customers, we will do the impossible!

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